Why Duticall is different!

Our business model is DIFFERENT!

We are not a conventional cleaning company. We do not employ cleaning staff. We are not a franchise.
We are a specialist cleaning contract management agency, working with complient contractors who meet our stringent requirements.

We focus on you.

This model works.

We have successfully operated in the South East corner of the state for over 25 years. We are now servicing approximately 300 clients, from small
to large, across many industries and catering for a range of property cleaning & periodic cleaing service requirements.

Experienced and proven

Your Duticall contractor is COMMITTED.

Your Duticall contractor is not a ‘clock in, clock out’ employee. They run their own business entities and they will invest ($) their own monies for the privelege of looking after your cleaning service. Effectively creating a ‘performance bond’. This investment offers stability for the contractor and keeps your satisfaction ‘front of mind’.

We are reliable. You can count on it.

We have risk management IN PLACE.

Public liability insurance cover ($20m), Work Cover, independent accreditation, OHS policies & procedures, Identification and uniforms, a secure key & document management system. The security of your premises is our number #1 priority.

That’s peace of mind, for you.


Client support staff are in constant contact with our valued clients. We stay in touch via regular ‘outbound’ scheduled phone calls & site visits. We aim to capture and respond quickly to any with your service. We are in regular contact with your cleaning team to ensure any problems are resolved via your Duticall contractor immediately. We ensure that any issues and solutions are recorded in our client management software and followed up to ensure there’s been no re-occurance of the problem.

We respond, and follow up….promptly

We GUARANTEE our work!

We guarantee to maintain regular communication and if you are not satisfied we guarantee to put matters right or
cancel the charge

We make sure any issues are addressed, and resolved.

Your contract is FLEXIBLE.

Beware of cleaning service contracts which lock you in regardless of performance. Read the terms and conditions to ensure you aren’t being locked into a contract for 12-24 months. We only ask for a 30 day period of notice.

You aren’t locked in. But you won’t want to talk to anyone else.

We provide a FULL range of services.

Making it easy to maintain your property via carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hard floor restoration, industrial
cleaning, steam cleaning, pest control, maintained washroom sanitary systems, supply of consumables and more….

We can do it all for you.

About Duticall

Brisbane's leading commercial & office cleaning business

Duticall has over 300 clients and over 25 years' experience in offering a cost-effective and managed commercial cleaning service to businesses in the S.E corner of Qld. We work in partnership with our contractors and our clients, with a dedicated accounts team making sure each contract runs smoothly.

Why Duticall?

The Duticall difference is the fact that our skilled Contractors invest their own money for the privilege of cleaning your premises. It's a very powerful incentive to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and you get what you are paying for.

Our Quality

We offer and maintain regular communication between our office and you. We don't set and forget so you can feel confident with a team backed by

And for your peace of mind, we guarantee our work.

Want to know more? Just contact us.