dirty microwave

Does your microwave always look like THIS?

Are you sick of going to the office kitchen, getting your lunch out of the fridge and opening the microwave to warm it up, and it looks like the above?

It’s not a nice experience – plus there are hygiene issues as well!

Not having your office microwave regularly cleaned is a big mistake – it can be a cornucopia of nasty germs and bacteria hidden in there!

Just think about how often the staff use them, how dirty they can get, how difficult they can be to clean properly, especially when some else’s spaghetti bolognaise has exploded!

The Founder and Director of Australian Food Hygiene Services says that germs thrive in dirty microwaves, and should be managed.

“A dirty microwave could be growing a smorgasbord of germs in it,” she said. “Germs need warmth, food and moisture to multiply, and allowing the internal top of microwaves to be splattered with food particles and not cleaned after each use could pose a potential health risk. Remaining particles from the day, or week, before will dislodge as steam softens the old food and causes it to drop and contaminate the new food – if not covered.

“Under a microscope, there would be enough germs on the tip of a pin head – which is more than a million – that may cause food poisoning symptoms. Dirty microwaves are a haven for cross-contamination risks and from my experience, most people do not look under the internal top to see the accumulated food that has splattered from not being covered during the heating process.”

How does your office microwave look? Wouldn’t it be great to always know that it is shiny, clean, sparkly and hygienic, every time you open it!

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