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Industries we work with
Commercial Offices

A dirty and unhygienic office send the wrong messages to staff and visitors to your site. Making sure your office looks great and is clean and hygienic is what we are about. The Duticall team understand the need to present your workplace at a high standard to assist with sending the right message and helping to create the right work culture. A clean and maintained environment will keep staff healthy and motivated. The Duticall team will design a detailed and tailored cleaning service specification that can be supported by specialist hard floor, carpet and window treatments.


Not only is it important to keep the office areas looking great, a factory, warehouse or outdoor environments also need to be kept clean. A dirty industrial or production area can create problems in other site amenities and offices. Soiling can be tracked into these areas creating ongoing issues.

Then Duticall team have a wide range of experience in providing solutions and executing cleaning service plans across a range of industrial situations. We can provide solutions for industrial work areas that with power sweepers, auto scrubbers, pressure cleaning.


Hospitality venues survive based on the customer experience and repeat business and the cleanliness and presentation of a venue is a key component of this experience. We know you and your staff need to focus on preparing for and serving customers. The Duticall team currently service several large hospitality venues providing 7 days per week specialized services. We can assist you to develop a tailored cleaning service specification that will meet your requirements. Let us solve your cleaning challenges for you and keep your customers coming back.


Let your selling staff focus on product presentation and engaging customers. We will ensure that your premises are clean and ready for selling when the doors are open to shoppers. We can provide a specialized & tailored, ‘after hours’ service for a wide range of retail situations. We currently service a number of large motor vehicle dealership facilities with a regular cleaning service and specialist glass cleaning and floor care.


Medical centre staff and patients need to know that the premises not only look clean, but it actually is clean and importantly hygienic. Duticall currently service a number of Medical facilities, providing specialized cleaning services tailored to the clients very specific needs.

Commercial Common Areas

There is nothing worse than walking into an office building or apartment block when you are a staff member or a building resident and find that the common areas including walkways, corridors and elevators are dirty, unhygienic and are clearly being neglected. You take pride in your workplace or where you live and a dirty common area certainly doesn’t create the right ‘first impression’.

Duticall are specialists in developing service schedules for common area cleaning and can provide you with the right advice and develop a program to meet the budget.

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