An effective, hygienic and value-driven office cleaning plan should be tailored towards the needs of your property and the expectations of both your staff and customers. It needs to provide you with ongoing confidence be easy to manage in your role as the coordinator of cleaning for your business. Don’t let managing the cleaning service be a burden. Don’t let it be the short straw!!!

Here are just some of the factors that we think about when we develop your unique, customised cleaning plan:

Is the surrounding environment impacting your workplace? e.g industrial workshops, busy roads, dusty situations
How many staff do you have, because that number directly impacts how often cleaning is required?
Do you need to ‘showcase’ your property for clients, visitors etc?
Has hygiene and office illness been an issue?
Do you have a barrier matting system?
Do you need a cost-effective female washroom sanitary system?
Do you need cost-effective office consumables supplied?
Is there an odour problem with washrooms?
The office policies/rules (regarding clear desks, eating at desks, food in fridges, waste in desk bins)
can also make a big difference…   


What we clean
Vinyl Floor Restorations

Vinyl flooring like most hard floor surfaces requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in great shape. Ever wondered how the big supermarkets keep their vinyl floors looking so good. It’s maintenance. They have teams of people looking after their floors daily.

So what is a vinyl maintenance plan?
     STEP 1: Regular sweeping/vac & mopping (frequency of cleaning is determined by the number of staff and the level of soiling)
     STEP 2: Machine buffing or spray polishing (if it is regularly maintained) to restore shine and remove scuff marks
     STEP 3: Machine scrub and reapply the top coat (but often floors are degraded beyond this point)
     STEP 4: A full strip and re-seal of the vinyl to restore the surface

If you have a sealed vinyl floor,  the amount of maintenance will determine how often it will need to be stripped and resealed. Our hard floor experts can develop a program for you to ensure your vinyl always looks great.

Office Blinds

Cleaning and repairing office blinds Venetian blinds are a very popular window covering in office the situation but they do attract dust. Regular cleaning which involves dusting and damp wiping is effective to a point. Periodically they also need some serious cleaning!

An ultrasonic cleaning process will rejuvenate all types of blinds, removing dust, insect stains, grease, nicotine and odours leaving them clean, sanitised and de-odorized. This process is more efficient, cost effective and reduces the risk of damage versus trying to clean in place.

Blinds will be removed, cleaned ultrasonically, repaired (if necessary) and reinstalled for the perfect treatment. We can provide you with a competitive quote for this service.


Keeping office carpet in good shape is absolutely critical. Neglecting your carpet can result in not only potential health issues but also a significantly reduced life for a valuable building asset. Maintaining the look and functionality of carpet and putting in place a proper cleaning and maintenance program is just as important as the initial purchase decisions specifying carpet colour, pattern, density and fibre type.
If cared for properly, carpets can last up to a decade, compared to only two to three years if ignored.

Common carpet issues in offices include:

  •      Loss of colour (impacted by soiling and subsequent wear)
  •      Stains and marks from soiling, coffee, toner spills and wet waste being placed in bins (half empty disposable coffee cups are the main offender)
  •      Odour/indoor air quality and pests, typically from infrequent cleaning
  •      Poor quality cleaning treatments with issues quickly returning, discolouration from too much water use etc

Our professional carpet specialists can resolve most carpet issues and ensure that this valuable asset is left clean and free of potentially harmful particles.

Suspended Ceilings

Next time you are walking around the office, take a look at the ceiling. You’ll probably be surprised at just how dirty it can get. The common problem areas are the air conditioning vents and where the local electrician has lifted ceiling tiles and left dirty finger prints everywhere.

To maintain the aesthetics, hygiene levels (from air con vents & deflectors) and the acoustic properties, ceilings require regular cleaning.
The cleaning solution needs to be tailored to the ceiling type plus the appropriate skills and methods to work at heights safely.
Let the Duticall team sort out your suspended ceilings

Exit Cleans

Exit Cleaning & End of Tenancy Services | Moving can be a daunting experience, particularly when it comes time to move out of the old office and into the new site. Normally the person responsible for the move has enough to try and manage, with removalists to organise, communications to connect at the new site and the packing up.

The last thing on the list is often what needs to be completed at the ‘move out site’ in order to ‘make good’ prior to handing back to the propoerty owner. The degree of cleaning and restoration work required at the end of a tenancy can be varied. Some of the areas for consideration include:

     General cleaning of facilities including washrooms and kitchen areas
     Hot water extraction cleaning of carpets
     Vinyl floor restoration
     Tiled floor restoration
     Carpark & hardstand cleaning
     Window cleaning
     Rubbish removal
     Warehouse/production area cleaning
     Suspended ceiling cleaning
     General Repairs

Let the Duticall team relieve you of some of the ‘moving’ headaches. We can assist you to develop your ‘make good’ program to ensure that there are no surprises following your move.

Pest Control

We hate hate creepy crawlies as much as everyone else and your office and facility is no place for them! We understand that pest infestations can lead to food contamination, product wastage and costly repair bills, not to mention potential fines imposed by some state health departments.

Save yourself the hassle……our fully licensed and trained technicians can:

     Inspect and identify the source of pest infestations
     Provide treatment options that are cost effective
     Implement the treatment program
     Provide a pest management plan
     Deliver effective, safe services, on time, every time
     Conduct treatments in a discrete manner

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Water Cleaning or Power Washing is the process to use for external concrete and tiled areas subject to build up of environmental soiling. This build up is mainly due to pollution and growth in damp areas that are often damp or shaded. This build up is unsightly and potentially a real ‘slip & fall’ risk to staff & visitors to your site. Driveways and paths are the most ‘at risk’ areas external to most workplaces. Not only will pressure cleaning remove the unsightly build up, it will also give concrete that ‘as new’ look. Unfortunately oil spills on unsealed concrete will result in penetration of the surface and unsightly staining that only concrete grinding can remove.

What can pressure cleaning do for you:

     Fix those slippery surfaces which may become a risk for your staff and customers
     Wash building facades and awnings to remove the soil build up (and possibly remove grafitti)
     Car Park Cleaning and Degreasing
     External Pavement Cleaning
     Factory Floors, where rotary scrubbing may not be sufficient
     Restoring the safety of stairwells

Duticall’s skilled team can provide a range of pressure cleaning services to suit all of your requirements.

Industrial Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing

Don’t let warehouse dirt build up and ruin your stock and get walked into your office;
Don’t let dust become an OH&S hazard;
Don’t let dirt and dust affect your plant and equipment;
We also often see diesel/oil particles mix with soiling on floor and then walked into indoor environments to create ongoing floor issues.

Duticall can assist where sweeping of large commercial and industrial areas is required. We can service:

     Warehouse areas
     Hardstand areas

Duticall has access to the right equipment to service large areas quickly and effectively to remove debris and dust.


Lets be clear about office window cleaning.
The objective is to remove the surface soiling to increase the amount of light and also improve the building aesthetics.

     Natural light has a positive effect on staff and productivity
     Clean windows creates a positive impression for staff, customers and stakeholders

Nothing looks worse than dirty glass. It is so obvious and creates a negative perception of a business for not only staff but visitors to the site. Whether it’s internal partition glass or high external glass, Duticall can provide skilled window cleaners with the appropriate equipment & ‘working at heights’ requirements  to operate at either ground level or from an elevated position.

Tiled Floor Restorations

Regular cleaning of floor tiles normally involves either damp or wet mopping and the frequency of cleaning is generally aligned to the amount of traffic across the area and just how dirty the environment is.

Regardless of these factors though, there is still a need to carry out periodic maintenance on tiled floors to remove built up grime and oils and to sanitise surfaces, particularly in washrooms where uric acid around urinals and toilet pans can create unpleasant odours (mainly due to bacteria in porous grout and on the tile surface).

Duticall’s hard floor specialists will apply the correct products & either machine scrub or hot water extract tiled floors to remove unsightly build up and leave them hygienic, clean and fresh.

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