• Do you have any proof of performance, such as testimonials?
  • We certainly do. We have over 300 clients and a very high client retention rate. Some clients have been with us for over
    20 years. Click on our testimonials tab or contact us and we are more than happy to put you in touch with any number of our current customers.

  • How reasonable is your cleaning contract?
  • Some of our competitors lock new customers into binding contracts, anywhere from 12 to 24 months and they are difficult to break, even in the event of poor performance. These contracts often result in financial penalty and being stuck with a cleaing service that under delivers. The end result is an arrangement that will in the long run cost you in terms of time wasted due to having to ‘over’ manage the cleaning service.

    After 25 years in business, we stand by our reputation and the quality of our service and require no more than 30 days notice if you aren’t satisfied. Remember’ “If it’s not fixed….it’s free”

  • Can you organise other services, such as carpet or window cleaning?
  • Yes, absolutely. Our aim is to be your property services partner. We can provide carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, vinyl
    floor restoration, industrial sweeping and scrubbing and much more.
    We encourage you to check out our overview our our SERVICES and then to explore further detail in each of the
    services pages.

  • What if I am dissatisfied?
  • The Duticall system has been designed to ensure that you get the best quality cleaning services first time, every time. If
    something isn’t done to your complete satisfaction… it’s fixed or it’s free.
    Our Service Guarantee: We guarantee to maintain regular communication with you to discover your perception of the
    standard of work and if at anytime you should not be satisfied we guarantee to put matters right or cancel the charge.

  • How do we ensure that you are happy with our cleaning service?
  • Our approach to quality control and Client communication is proactive rather than reactive. We phone you each week
    initially to ensure you are happy with the service and then contact you monthly once the service is established. Plus we
    conduct on-site inspections from time to time.
    We encourage you to check out our Quality Control page to find out more.

  • Do the cleaners have liability insurance?
  • Duticall holds public liability insurance for all Duticall contractors to an indemnity value of $20 million.
    We can provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency, upon request.

  • How long can we expect the same cleaners to work on-site?
  • Duticall’s unique system ensures the same contractor visits your site for each service. We know the last thing you want is a ‘revolving door’ of people on your site after hours. We have some clients who have had the same Duticall Contractor for over 20 years….that’s trust. At the commencement of a service we make sure that your contractor is inducted at your site and totally familiar with your security requirements. You’ll have peace of mind that the team introduced to you will be police checked and have the security of your site as their #1 priority. The cleaning will be pretty good too!


  • How can we be sure our premises are in safe hands at night?
  • Our system of selecting committed cleaners, who are prepared to back their work with their own money, underpins
    their reliability.
    All keys are uniquely tagged, with no identification with the property, and security coded. Access information also has
    no obvious link to the property.
    We encourage you to check out our SECURITY information page to find out more.

  • Is there any cost for you to come visit us?
  • We provide a ‘free of charge’ cleaning service assessment on request. When we meet with you initially we’ll determine where your current cleaning is at ,identify any annoying issues that you may be currently experiencing and come up with practical solutions. Following our meeting you’ll receive a detailed proposal containg a comprehensive cleaing service specification or ‘scope of work’. That’s what your Duticall team will use to ensure the service you have requested is being delivered.


  • How can we be sure that we get what we pay for?
  • We go to great lengths to ensure that the cleaning service specification design specifically for your premises, is going to meet your requirements. When we visit your site initially, we don’t wander through and take a stab at ‘how much’ and ‘how long’, we take detailed measurements and capture all of the information about surfaces, fixtures, fittings and flooring materials. That way we can develop a program that’s going to be not only effective but also great value for money. It’s not just a ‘set and forget’ situation either if you decide to become one of our valued customers. We’ll be in regular contact to ensure you are getting the service that you are paying for.

    Like many service industries, there are cleaning operators who will come in with the promise of service at a ‘too good to be true’ price point. Invariably it leads to poor service delivery because it’s just not sustainable. We price our services fairly to ensure that our contractors are rewarded for their effort and that in the long run you get ‘value for money’.

About Duticall

Brisbane's leading commercial & office cleaning business

Duticall has over 300 clients and over 25 years' experience in offering a cost-effective and managed commercial cleaning service to businesses in the S.E corner of Qld. We work in partnership with our contractors and our clients, with a dedicated accounts team making sure each contract runs smoothly.

Why Duticall?

The Duticall difference is the fact that our skilled Contractors invest their own money for the privilege of cleaning your premises. It's a very powerful incentive to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and you get what you are paying for.

Our Quality

We offer and maintain regular communication between our office and you. We don't set and forget so you can feel confident with a team backed by

And for your peace of mind, we guarantee our work.

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