We Always Want to Talk with Experienced Cleaning Contractors.

Duticall has a large number of cleaning contractors who are motivated to provide a quality service. Our cleaning contractors run their own business and are supported in key business areas by Duticall. We are a contract management agency, representing the interests of both contractors and clients. But before deciding if partnering with Duticall is right for you you need to decide if (1) you would rather run your own commercial cleaning business rather than be an employee and (2) Do you want the burden of looking for cleaning contracts and managing the ‘back of house’ administrative duties?

Things to think about with your cleaning business:

  • How much time do you have for the following: finding clients, communicating with clients, organising your accounts and invoicing clients, managing safety and other workplace regulations
  • Do you have the skills to manage these things?
  • What if clients fall behind in payments?
  • And of course, managing staff (if required), sourcing and maintaining the right supplies and performing the actual cleaning duties to a high standard consistently

When you work with Duticall:

  • We source contracts for you ( you don’t have to worry about quoting, you don’t need a Sales person, you don’t need to worry about Marketing your business)
  • You decide what contracts suit you
  • You get paid at the same time every month
  • You receive financial statements from us, monthly, quarterly, annually (making it easier for BAS submission and satisfying your Accountant)
  • You don’t need to chase payments from clients (we manage the Accounts Receivable process) – you get paid for your work
  • You don’t need to liaise with clients (we manage all discussions with clients and provide feedback to you and also to the client)
  • Duticall guarantee to buy back your contracts, if necessary*

This is what you need to get started with Duticall:

1. Submit Information:
  • Copy of Current Drivers License
  • Copy of Current Passport & visa (if applicable)
  • Proof of address (rate notice, rental lease)
  • Current Bank Account Details
  • ABN and GST Registration Details (mandatory for both)
  • Police Check (available on line in 24 hours)
  • Work Cover Certificate of Currency (if applicable)
  • Mobile Phone with active Message Bank
  • Active Email Address
  • Provide Details of Equipment for use on Contracts
  • Provide Current Certification on Electrical Equipment
2. Arrange an appointment with us, call 1300 886 223
3. During this meeting, we discuss the process. (How we work with you)
4. Finalise Administration
5. Get you started
Want to find out more about being a contractor?