Floor Scrubbing Robot

Will Technology Lead to the Replacement of The Office Cleaner?

Advances in technology are rapid and the commercial cleaning industry is changing as a result. I am amazed at the ever-increasing shift away from what have always been manual office cleaning tasks to tasks that are now capable of being … Continue reading “Will Technology Lead to the Replacement of The Office Cleaner?”

office refrigerator

Cleaning the Office Refrigerator..it’s Critical

You don’t want a fridge full of office science projects There is nothing worse than opening the fridge in the office lunchroom, only to have your fervent appetite spoiled by the smell of sour milk and rotten food. This is … Continue reading “Cleaning the Office Refrigerator..it’s Critical”

Office cleaning

Cleaning & Maintaining The Staff Lunch Room Refrigerator

The staff lunch room refrigerator, preserver or composter of food Items? In the 2nd article in our series on cleanliness and hygiene in the lunch room, we are discussing the communal staff lunch room refrigerator. As was the case with the lunch room microwave … Continue reading “Cleaning & Maintaining The Staff Lunch Room Refrigerator”

Clean office kitchen

How to Clean & Manage the Staff Lunch Room Microwave Oven

Useful kitchen appliance or haven for bacteria? Unless regularly cleaned and sanitised, the humble microwave oven in the staff lunchroom can become a hot bed of bacteria and possible source of norovirus and salmonella, the most common infectious forms of … Continue reading “How to Clean & Manage the Staff Lunch Room Microwave Oven”

Cleaning desks

10 Tips For A Clean and Healthy Office

As an Office Manager or business owner you may have had complaints from staff about cleaning standards, you may have had to manage staff sick leave (and the associated productivity costs) or you may just want to improve the office environment. … Continue reading “10 Tips For A Clean and Healthy Office”

Safety signs

12 Steps To Safe Floors This Holiday Season

Don’t let your floors become a risk this summer! Cintas Corporation, a US leader in floor safety programs, has recently released ’12 steps for holiday floor safety’ for its US audience in order for commercial properties to prepare for peak season … Continue reading “12 Steps To Safe Floors This Holiday Season”

Cleaning the kitchen sink

Why An Annual Office Maintenance Clean Is Essential

The Xmas Gift Your Office Building Will Appreciate – the annual maintenance clean. What’s happened to your office over the year: grease and soiling have become embedded deep in your carpets the office coffee addicts may have left stains on … Continue reading “Why An Annual Office Maintenance Clean Is Essential”

Cleaning contracts

Getting started with a new cleaning contractor

Prior to Commencing Your Cleaning Contract…. You have screened potential contractors and selected your preferred cleaners (if not, check out our previous blogs for tips & traps). Now for the last steps in the process to ensure you start well. … Continue reading “Getting started with a new cleaning contractor”

Cleaning partnership

Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor – questions to ask

Top 5 questions to ask when choosing an office cleaner It’s getting close to decision time! So far you have (from our previous blogs): Defined what you need in a cleaning service Created a shortlist of cleaning contractors Had your … Continue reading “Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor – questions to ask”

Clean office reception

Cleaning The Office Reception Area

Impressions are formed at the front entrance! Some are grand and make a very clear statement and at the other end of the scale is the area that is very utilitarian and serves a very specific purpose. Regardless, as the … Continue reading “Cleaning The Office Reception Area”

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