Office Hygiene

The Washroom From Hell

Could this be the most unhygienic washroom in Brisbane? We come across some very ordinary cleaning while visiting sites for prospective clients. Clearly in this case the cleaning service plan is totally inadequate for the heavy industrial type of work … Continue reading “The Washroom From Hell”

Office Hygiene


A free poster with tips to prevent colds & flu in the workplace……. It’s approaching the cooler months which means that cold and flu viruses have the potential to impact your office. The negative impacts on productivity and the increased … Continue reading “FREE OFFICE HYGIENE POSTER”

Urinal Maintenance

Urinal Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintaining the Washroom Urinal Before we get too far into our latest blog post, those of you who may be a bit squeamish or perhaps have just had your lunch, may want to come back after you have … Continue reading “Urinal Cleaning & Maintenance”

Year of the clean office

Ten Tips for a Cleaner Office

A Ready Reckoner for a Cleaner & More Hygienic Office Don’t be distracted by complaints about cleaning standards or increasing levels of sick leave or your office environment becoming less presentable to customers. These are business distractions which can be costly. … Continue reading “Ten Tips for a Cleaner Office”

Office germs

How to Beat the Office Cold & Flu Bugs this Winter

How to Beat the Office Cold & Flu Bugs this Winter At this time of year we like to draw to the attention of our regular readers that ‘Cold and Flu’ season is almost upon us once again! It’s often … Continue reading “How to Beat the Office Cold & Flu Bugs this Winter”

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Duticall has over 300 clients and over 25 years' experience in offering a cost-effective and managed commercial cleaning service to businesses in the S.E corner of Qld. We work in partnership with our contractors and our clients, with a dedicated accounts team making sure each contract runs smoothly.

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The Duticall difference is the fact that our skilled Contractors invest their own money for the privilege of cleaning your premises. It's a very powerful incentive to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and you get what you are paying for.

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