Floor Scrubbing Robot

Will Technology Lead to the Replacement of The Office Cleaner?

Advances in technology are rapid and the commercial cleaning industry is changing as a result. I am amazed at the ever-increasing shift away from what have always been manual office cleaning tasks to tasks that are now capable of being … Continue reading “Will Technology Lead to the Replacement of The Office Cleaner?”

Clean offices

How clean is your office? – some facts and solutions

Don’t lose the war with office germs. Do you feel like you are losing the war with office germs? Are the germs claiming victims? Are staff becoming ill? Is productivity down? DON’T PUT UP THE WHITE FLAG! HOW DO YOU … Continue reading “How clean is your office? – some facts and solutions”

Cleaning desks

10 Tips For A Clean and Healthy Office

As an Office Manager or business owner you may have had complaints from staff about cleaning standards, you may have had to manage staff sick leave (and the associated productivity costs) or you may just want to improve the office environment. … Continue reading “10 Tips For A Clean and Healthy Office”

Cleaning the kitchen sink

Why An Annual Office Maintenance Clean Is Essential

The Xmas Gift Your Office Building Will Appreciate – the annual maintenance clean. What’s happened to your office over the year: grease and soiling have become embedded deep in your carpets the office coffee addicts may have left stains on … Continue reading “Why An Annual Office Maintenance Clean Is Essential”

Cleaning partners

Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor: the first meeting

Don’t waste your first meeting with a cleaning contractor! Let’s assume you are reviewing your cleaning provider and have a shortlist of cleaning contractors you want to see. You have scheduled meetings with the contractors. Why is this first meeting … Continue reading “Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor: the first meeting”

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Welcome to Duticall’s cleaning blog

Welcome to the Duticall team’s new website and new cleaning blog. We aim to provide you with information that is hopefully relevant for you in your role as a business owner, property manager, office manager…or ‘the person responsible for cleaning … Continue reading “Welcome to Duticall’s cleaning blog”

Clean office reception

Cleaning The Office Reception Area

Impressions are formed at the front entrance! Some are grand and make a very clear statement and at the other end of the scale is the area that is very utilitarian and serves a very specific purpose. Regardless, as the … Continue reading “Cleaning The Office Reception Area”

Carpet Care

Carpet Care Tips for Office Managers

Do’s and Don’ts for Office Carpet Care Carpets make a significant visual statement to your customers and staff about your standards. Carpets can also be expensive to repair or replace if not maintained. Below are some quick tips for Office Managers to … Continue reading “Carpet Care Tips for Office Managers”

Office air quality

Clean Carpet, Can it Improve Office Air Quality?

Can carpet really improve our offices’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? The answer to that vexing question is…. yes! That is, if it is well maintained An interesting article that we came across in this month’s Inclean Mag  discusses a new study that has recently been released in the US, contesting the myth – “Carpet within an office … Continue reading “Clean Carpet, Can it Improve Office Air Quality?”

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cleaning office chairs

What Lurks in the Office Chair?

This week let’s talk chairs. Just sit there and think just how long you spend sitting at your desk. Let’s say on average you are sitting at your desk for 5 hours per day, taking into account comfort & meal … Continue reading “What Lurks in the Office Chair?”

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