Cleaning partners

Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor: the first meeting

Don’t waste your first meeting with a cleaning contractor! Let’s assume you are reviewing your cleaning provider and have a shortlist of cleaning contractors you want to see. You have scheduled meetings with the contractors. Why is this first meeting … Continue reading “Selecting An Office Cleaning Contractor: the first meeting”

Helpful CLeaning tips

Welcome to Duticall’s cleaning blog

Welcome to the Duticall team’s new website and new cleaning blog. We aim to provide you with information that is hopefully relevant for you in your role as a business owner, property manager, office manager…or ‘the person responsible for cleaning … Continue reading “Welcome to Duticall’s cleaning blog”

Preparing for summer for a clean office

Office Manager’s – Planning for Summer – Checklist

You’re about to get Busy, Very Busy.   Summer and the Xmas period can be a stressful time for Office Managers and those having to manage a workplace or property. So, we thought we would help out with a checklist … Continue reading “Office Manager’s – Planning for Summer – Checklist”

clean air solutions

A Cleaner Air Solution…..?

Ever noticed the small battery operated air fresheners that you see mounted on walls in both public & commercial/office washrooms? They are ok in a small space but they have serious limitations in larger areas. In the main, the limitations … Continue reading “A Cleaner Air Solution…..?”

cleaning air conditioning

Cleaning the Airconditioning Outlets

Been a while since we posted a blog, so something that is very relevant coming into the warmer months, is a great way to kick things off again.

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Duticall has over 300 clients and over 25 years' experience in offering a cost-effective and managed commercial cleaning service to businesses in the S.E corner of Qld. We work in partnership with our contractors and our clients, with a dedicated accounts team making sure each contract runs smoothly.

Why Duticall?

The Duticall difference is the fact that our skilled Contractors invest their own money for the privilege of cleaning your premises. It's a very powerful incentive to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and you get what you are paying for.

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We offer and maintain regular communication between our office and you. We don't set and forget so you can feel confident with a team backed by

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