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BREAKING NEWS: Dodgy Bros (“cheap, cheap, cheap”) Office Cleaning Ltd – EXPOSED

BREAKING NEWS: Dodgy Bros (“cheap, cheap, cheap”) Office Cleaning Ltd – EXPOSED
Attention: Office Managers, Facilities Managers, Business Owners.
Be aware of breaking news within the commercial cleaning industry.
Local contract cleaners, Dodgy Bros Office Cleaning Ltd, have been exposed via an undercover operation.
Below is a transcript of the sting operation:

Undercover operative: “Hey , how’s your cleaning business going?”
Dodgy Bros owner: “Great! There’s plenty of businesses out there that love our cheap price. No one can match our price”
Undercover operative: “Good for you but how can you afford to keep your price so low?”
Dodgy Bros owner: Quieter voice…. “Come a bit closer and I’ll tell ya……I don’t have the same costs as other cleaning companies!”
Undercover operative: “Waddaya mean?”
Dodgy Bros owner: “Well, take labour costs, I pay $5/hr less than everyone else and if the cleaners don’t like it…. they’re fired. In fact, if they ask me any questions, they’re fired. I fire a lot of people….it’s great for staff motivation!”
Undercover operative: “What about the other costs that everyone has, like chemicals?”
Dodgy Bros owner: “Yep, I use a chemical, H20, and I have a good supply of it”
Undercover operative: “But what if somebody complains about hygiene in their offices?”
Dodgy Bros owner: “If customers start asking those curly questions we cut and run”
Undercover operative: “Everyone’s asking for insurances, like public liability, these days, how do you get on with that?”
Dodgy Bros owner: “Didn’t you hear me last time, if customers start asking those curly questions we cut and run……………….hey, what’s with all these questions anyway”
Undercover operative: “Congratulations , you’ve just been busted by the Cleaning Integrity Commission”

Disclaimer – Ok, this is completely fictional . We, like you, hope that no such cleaning contractor/company exists.
Apart from some comic relief for our audience we wanted to encourage those that are buying services to ask the hard questions when they see service providers who appear to be so much cheaper than others.

Unsustainable prices exist. We have seen examples of commercial cleaning companies quoting 30%+ less for services versus prices generated using international workloading standards – how can that be?

There are some similar market rates ,based on common cost inputs (labour, materials, chemicals, regulatory costs, administration etc) so the key question is: what is being compromised in order to deliver a cost/tender price which is so much cheaper than everyone else? Note – we are aware of franchisees (from large cleaning companies) who are waiting on payment from months prior.

Don’t expose your business, your staff and your reputation to the (‘Dodgy Bros’) risks.

How to still get a professional service at a competitive price:

– Look at the market price and be wary of those a lot cheaper

– Reputation and Experience does matter – look for proof

– Have a structured process for selecting your cleaning Contractor (so that you can weed out the Dodgy Bros)……….

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Or contact us NOW at Duticall and we would be happy to share some advice.

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