Clean office reception

Cleaning The Office Reception Area

Impressions are formed at the front entrance!

Some are grand and make a very clear statement and at the other end of the scale is the area that is very utilitarian and serves a very specific purpose. Regardless, as the first point of contact, it’s imperative that the reception area creates the right impression for visitors to your workplace.

With regular visits to our own clients and surveying the premises of prospective clients, we get to see plenty of reception/foyer areas. Surprisingly very few clients treat this area of their workplace any differently to the other areas in their cleaning specification. The reception area is the first point of contact that most visitors to a site are exposed to, particularly current or prospective customers. A poor impression at this initial ‘customer facing’ point can have a knock on effect for the business. Some of the obvious problems that we regularly see are;

  • Hard floors with dirt & grime build up
  • Dirty front windows
  • Scuff marks on painted walls & doors
  • No front entrance matting
  • Leaves & debri at the entrance to reception

Guests to a building will often need to wait in this area for the person they have come to visit and over that short period they will more than likely form an opinion of the business based on time spent in this critical area. If they are greeted by litter at the front entrance and a tiled floor that has a build up of dirt on the textured surface and they can barely see out of the front windows, what are they going to think?

The key to managing this critical ‘customer facing’ area within the workplace is to design a cleaning specification and periodic maintenance program that will ensure the reception area is consistently kept in top shape. Here are our 4 ways to keep the reception area looking great:

  • Ensure that it’s being cleaned often enough.
  • Make sure all required tasks are included in the regular cleaning specification
  • Include in the specification & schedule those periodic services to avert build up on surfaces i.e hardfloors
  • Regularly audit the area to meet set criteria

Following these simple rules will ensure that the reception area is consistently kept in great shape and is a true representation of your business, your brands and company employees.

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