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Cleaning & Maintaining the Washroom Urinal

Before we get too far into our latest blog post, those of you who may be a bit squeamish or perhaps have just had your lunch, may want to come back after you have prepared yourself.

This post is all about the standard urinal, located in the Male Washroom in most commercial premises. Of all the washroom fixtures, if neglected, they are unsightly, notorious as a haven for bacteria and often blamed as the source of unpleasant odours.

There’s probably no need to go into detail regarding its purpose but it is worth quickly covering the most common types and construction materials. Most urinals are constructed from either stainless steel which generally allows for larger communal facilities or porcelein which are generally single fixtures. In recent years, where water charges have increased & restrictions have been in place due to drought conditions, waterless urinal systems have become popular but regardless of whether a urinal is waterless
or flushing, the problems are the same if not maintained and serviced regularly.

Some of the key problems include:

  • Build up of nitrogenous scale & uric acid as a result of poor flushing
  • Ammonia like odour as a result of bacteria consuming waste materials
  • Staining & discolouration of stainless steel & porcelain surfaces
  • Use of poor quality urinal blocks
  • Overuse of Urinal blocks
  • Irregular servicing of the urinal

So what’s the answer to correctly maintaining the standard flushing, washroom urinal?

Most important is to ensure that there is a good regular cleaning regime in place.
This should include:

  • Following each use, the fixture should be flushed
  • A high quality, slow release, urinal block, will neutralise, deodorise & kill bacteria in the system
  • Weekly cleaning with a good quality urinal product is recommended
  • Depending on use, a descale and steam clean & sanitise should be programmed
  • It’s as simple as that! The key to eliminating the issues associated with a poorly maintained urinal, is to ensure that there is a service program in place as part of the regular cleaning service.

Duticall ensure that the service specification will include a sound maintenance plan based on usage & the situation.

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