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A free poster with tips to prevent colds & flu in the workplace…….

It’s approaching the cooler months which means that cold and flu viruses have the potential to impact your office. The negative impacts on productivity and the increased health risks can be frightening. But there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk for your office and colleagues this flu season, from improvements in office cleaning to hand washing techniques to policy changes.

Browse through some of the facts below and then take advantage of the FREE resource we are offering. We hope it helps you and your team this winter.

As a thought starter…how are businesses affected in Australia?

  • An estimated 1.5 million work days lost annually
  • The impact of Presenteeism (where employees turn up to work when sick) and its negative effects ie,decreased quantity and quality of work (individual productivity can be reduced by at least one-third)
  • spreading viruses/illnesses to colleagues & clients
  • Do we do the right thing with workplace illness? NO:

A survey released in 2012 by Australia’s Influenza Specialist group identified 9 in 10 Australians admit to turning up to work sick
70 per cent of respondents confessed to participating in workplace social activities despite having flu symptoms
Our flu etiquette is found to be wanting…. Australia is sixth in the Global Hygiene Council’s world rankings, with one third of us not bothering to disinfect our hands or wash them frequently when ill
So how prevalent are cold & flu viruses in workplaces?

Most office keyboards contain 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat
A person with virus on their hands can transfer those germs to surfaces up to 7 times
Viruses can be transferred between people up to 6 times
How can YOU help your workplace this flu season:

Create awareness of the business and personal risks
Give some simple, preventative advice
Our FREE Office Hygiene poster can help……….


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