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In-House or Outsourced Cleaning Services – Pro’s and Con’s

Should I Outsource My Cleaning Function?
Many businesses are tackling questions about how to manage costs; how to focus on core business; how to manage staff and resources effectively and are asking the question….

“Should we outsource our cleaning services?”

Below we aim to contribute to this discussion with Reasons For and Against Outsourcing plus some Industry Facts specific to the Cleaning function.

Reasons For Outsourcing Cleaning Services
Flexible labour – contract cleaning personnel may be available when you need them, for as long as you need them and can be scaled up or down
Reduced labour costs – significant overhead costs can be removed from your business (additional taxes, allowances, penalties etc)
Do not need to supply and maintain equipment and chemicals
Regulatory and Risk Management requirements are not negated completely but contract cleaners assume significant responsibility
Specialist skills are available, as required – most professional contractors can provide window cleaning, carpet cleaning and hard floor treatments
Industry experience can mean sound advice – get it right the first time and save money
Industry Facts

Cleaning Services survey data from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA):

Only 15% had a dedicated in-house cleaning service
The top three reasons for Outsourcing: because special skills are required; to reduce or control costs; and to focus on core competencies
A compelling cost statistic: in-house cleaning costs are 31% more expensice that outcourced, per sqm, according to an IFMA report
Reasons Why You May Not Outsource
You may want to retain cleaning services to ‘complete a FTE role’ for a valued employee who does not have a full time role
Cleaning services may be an integral part of your business and payroll, for example premium Hotels and Hospitals
You may like to retain control
We hope we have provided some food for thought.

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Stay tuned for future blogs when we discuss what cleaning contractors offer and also some tips regarding how to select a contractor.

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