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Steps To Selecting A Cleaning Company: An Overview

A Short Intro to Selecting a Cleaning Company or Contractor
If you have decided to outsource your cleaning for the first time or wish to recruit and select a new cleaning service below are some simple steps to follow in the process.

1. Know what you want first

What areas do you want cleaned? What tasks do you want performed? How often do you want the work done? Survey management and colleagues so that you understand everyone’s expectations.

2. Confirm what type of provider is right for you

This is influenced by: the number of staff, your property presentation requirements, regulatory/corporate requirements, need for additional services (eg carpet cleaning, supply of consumables) etc.

Some of the types of cleaning organisations are: small, local providers (often sole operators); organisations who employ cleaning staff directly; cleaning franchises; contract management specialists (such as Duticall); large, institutional cleaners.

3. Create a shortlist

Consider seeking referrals from other people in the business community or use your search engine by typing in the service and location (eg search ‘commercial cleaners brisbane’). The first two pages of Google is liklely to offer more than the likes of trade directories which are being used less these days. Also, try professional social sites, such as LinkedIn.

4. The first meeting

The first ‘meet and greet’ should provide some insight into their professionalism. Also, very importantly, this should include the property assessment/building walk through – be open and honest with your needs and expect two way questions.

5. Are you ready to select someone?

You should have your criteria, you would have met the prospective provider and walked through the property and now you have their response.
Was their response timely? Have they listened? Have they provided a detailed specification? Have they provided insight into their credentials? Are references provided?

It’s either time to make a decision, go back through the steps if necessary or even request an interview of further information.GOOD LUCK

Getting a new supplier may at times seem tedious. But considering the impact on your environment, your team’s health, your budget and property security (yes, they need high levels of access) it’s important to get it right.

This is just a quick snapshot but we hope you have found it useful. Let us know your thoughts.

Upcoming blogs will provide more detail on some of these for you. Plus, we will also talk about some of the other tips and traps and how to keep the service plan on track.


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