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Why An Annual Office Maintenance Clean Is Essential

The Xmas Gift Your Office Building Will Appreciate – the annual maintenance clean.

What’s happened to your office over the year:

  • grease and soiling have become embedded deep in your carpets
  • the office coffee addicts may have left stains on the carpet
  • vinyl traffic areas are looking dull and have lost their gloss (the seal has been worn away)
  • tiled areas are not looking as bright and may be more of a slip risk
  • windows may have built up a dirty or greasy film and restricting natural light
  • washrooms and kitchen mays be in need of a deep clean of all areas
  • warehouse floors may have built up dirt, grease and/or grime impacting on safety and on stock

But I have a regular cleaning service – why do I need a maintenance clean?

A regular (day to day) cleaning service is only part of the lifecycle of cleaning.
A well maintained property has a commercial cleaning and hygiene program which is made up of:

1. a regular cleaning routine (eg sweep and mop vinyl floors daily)
2. periodic cleaning (eg buff vinyl floors monthly)
3. restorative cleaning (eg strip and reseal vinyl floors annually)
As an example – why do I need to restore my office carpets?

Check out the picture of what has come out of this office carpet in Brisbane – some serious build up tackled with an industrial, truckmounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning unit.

Is this compelling?

What are the 4 benefits of maintaining your commercial property?
1. Improved workplace environment  (Productivity)
2. Investment in the health and wellbeing of your staff  (Less absence/sick days)
3. Reduce your exposure to risk  (Improved hygiene and decreased risks eg slip hazards)
4. Improved bottom line  (A maintained property needs less capital spend)

We have founded that office maintenance budgets have tightened over the last few years but eventually the cleaning services are required otherwise the impact on the 4 factors above becomes too great.

Before and After an office tile scrubbing service:

What a great xmas gift for your floors and for your staff!

With staff away over the Xmas period now is the time to schedule your cleaning and property services.

For more information on the range of cleaning and restorative services available for your Brisbane commercial property check out the Duticall Services page.

Alternatively, contact the team at Duticall who can happily provide advice.

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