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8 tips for managing office cleanliness during holiday periods

Cleaners (and some planning) can save you this holiday period!

Even through you may have a great commercial cleaning service, if you don’t factor in the fact that your needs can be different during holiday and festive periods then hygiene levels can drop and your property isn’t maintained the way it should be.


Below are some tips for keeping your office looking good during holiday periods (so you can take your own well earned break and know everything is in order):

1. Encourage staff to clean out of their work areas before going on leave.

Get rid of those piles of paper stacked on and around desks. Relocate boxes. Re-discover and get rid of those half eaten snacks hidden behind things which pests were looking forward to dining on. Give the cleaning team the best possible chance to access all areas.

2. Attack the fridge! Don’t leave behind that curry, that salad, milk or any other foodstuffs which could transform your fridge into a petri dish. Remove everything and schedule for the cleaners to clean it and use some mild disinfectant

3. If you are having an office xmas party and you need the cleaners to clean up, tell them prior and schedule a cleaning service afterwards!

4. Schedule those important periodic or restorative cleaning jobs(cleaning windows, restoring vinyl floors, scrubbing tiles in wet areas, carpet cleaning). You don’t need to stress quite so much when you see pizza and wine hit the floor during the office xmas party when you know the carpet cleaning technicians are coming soon after.

5. Pest control may also be something you may want to consider getting done while the office is on holidays. It can often mean that no one can enter the area for a few days so during holiday breaks is a great time to get this done. No one wants to return to carpet mites, cockroaches or ants etc.

6. Turn off unnecessary power. Turn off power to unused areas or equipment eg those monitors which are sometimes left on. But leave power and water for those onsite eg your cleaning team or ‘skeleton’ staff.

7. Update security. Who should have access and who shouldn’t during this period. Update your systems and advise your security company. Also let your cleaners know who they should expect to see onsite and also let them know if emergency contact details change during this period.

8. Schedule a comprehensive clean to occur before your staff return – otherwise the building can feel ‘stale’ and dust can build up if left for an extended period

We hope our tips on how to maintain your office environment over holiday periods have been useful.


Returning from holiday can often be hard as staff tackle the post holiday ‘blues. If the office environment is clean and fresh you have done your bit to welcome everyone back and help create a positive and productive environment.


All the best for the holiday period….and yes, we’ll be busy!!!


If you do have any questions of need assistance with cleaning and maintaining your property, please contact the friendly team at Duticall commercial cleaning.

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