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Sealed Floor Maintenance Tips

Handy tips to help keep your re-sealed vinyl floor looking great!

The Christmas New Year period is a great time for businesses to carry out much needed periodic maintenance. Over the past few weeks Duticall’s hard floor maintenance specialists have been stripping and resealing vinyl flooring across Brisbane.

The cost to strip and reseal a vinyl floor is not insignificant as there is quite a high cost for labour and materials. After a full strip and reseal, a client will come back to a floor that is looking fantastic but the real challenge is to try and keep it looking that way for as long as possible. A few handy tips will ensure that your sealed vinyl floor will stay looking great for many months.

Office Chairs are the arch enemy of sealed floors! A typical office chair with castor wheels applies an enormous amount of pressure under each of those wheels. (you’ll know that if you have had one roll over your foot). Without a protective floor mat, dirt and grit will be ground into the floor, resulting in rapid deterioration of the sealer.

Lunchroom chairs without a rubber end cap will also quickly ruin your nice new sealed floor. The raw metal leg end will scratch the seal and leave rust marks when dragged over the floor surface. Plugs are cheap and readily available from most furniture retailers and the hardware chains.

Spills can also affect the surface of a sealed floor. In industrial areas where oil and grease are a problem often the first solution to this type of soiling is to use a degreasing product. Most of these products, particularly the citric acid based products that are now very popular, have quite a high level of acidity that will attack the sealer and result in rapid deterioration. A neutral PH cleaning product is the only product to use to remove spills from your freshly sealed floor.

Regular machine buffing and spot repair polishing will also greatly assist in sustaining the finish on your floor. Ever wondered why the floors at your local supermarket and shopping centre are always shining when you walk in? It’s due to a very rigid program that allows for daily maintenance of that sealed floor. Sure we are talking about hundreds, maybe thousands of people walking across those floors every day but without a regular program the floors would start to look very shabby, very quickly. How often you need to carry out buffing and spot repairs will really depend on the amount of ‘wear and tear’. Start off with a monthly service and then determine if this is sufficient to keep the floor looking good in between the regular office cleaning service.

Hopefully some of these tips will assist with keeping your sealed floors looking great for the rest of 2013. If you have any queries just contact us and we will be happy to try and assist.

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