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How important is Microfibre for Cleaning?

We have written blog articles previously on the benefits of using microfibre so we thought it was high time we backed that up, yet again. It’s that important!

Below are the reasons why we use microfiber technology in our cleaning.

Microfibre cloths and floor pads are the fastest, most effective way of wiping without harsh chemicals. This is due to the almost magic microscopic fibres that are shaped like little hooks. Perfect for picking up and trapping stuff!

We often remind our cleaning service teams that apart from good process, the next most important element to effective commercial cleaning is the gear that’s used and microfibre really does tick all the boxes. With traditional cleaning equipment for wiping and mopping, the amount of residual material (dirt, grime, dust etc) is limited to what the material can hold. Most of the time standard cloths and mops get to the point where they become saturated with residual material and just can’t hold any more. It’s then just a case of spreading the dirst around.

With microfibre, the amount that they will hold is exponential.  They have been specially engineered to sweep up even the tiniest specks of dirt and bacteria and trap them deep within their fibres and there is also less chemical required to be effective.  Just a small list of what you can clean with a microfiber cloth:

  • cleaning vinyl & tiled floors
  • aroound sinks, basins and other fixtures
  • wiping stainless steel
  • dusting furniture
  • wiping counters and bench tops
  • cleaning mirrors and glass
  • as a dishcloth
  • cleaning the shower
  • remove stains

Remember a good colour coding system ensures no cross contamination. You don’t want the kitchen benches cleaned with the equipment used in the washrooms!

There are plenty of other applications for microfibre. One of the best are floors where it’s critical to pick up as much debri as possible.

Another big advantage with using microfibre pads and cleaning cloths is that they can be dropped into a washing machine (on their own is best) dried and they are ready to go again. You’ll genrally get over 100 washes on a pad or cloth before they start to lose their ability to pick up and hold residual material.

Do yourself a favour and request that your cleaning service provider use microfibre, it will definately deliver an overall better result.

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