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Cleaning the Airconditioning Outlets

Been a while since we posted a blog, so something that is very relevant coming into the warmer months, is a great way to kick things off again.

One of the biggest considerations in managing the workplace is the quality of the air. Most offices today are air conditioned all year round, although at Duticall we have the luxury of having a large void above our suspended ceiling that allows the hot air to accumulate below the roof. With the insulation providing extra protection and a couple of windows that will allow good ‘flow through’ ventilation, our workplace stays very comfortable over the autumn & winter months without running the aircon system. It’s also a great saving in your energy costs. Anyway, back to the topic.

One of the biggest issues with cleaning that we find in modern buildings these days is the amount of ‘dirty’ buildup, that is very obvious, around the outlets from where the cooled or heated air is discharged into the area being controlled. If the system is balanced correctly and is well maintained then this problem shouldn’t be occuring.

It’s generally the result of;

  • Dirty filters
  • Poorly installed and unsuitable filters
  • Incorrect filter media
  • General lack of maintenence

The buildup around the outlets is generally what is not being trapped by the filters and the air within the controlled air space will be carrying dust/dirt particles. This creates problems not only for the cleaning team who are trying to manage the build up of dust and removal of the build up if it is a task in the scope of work but also for occupants of the building who are breathing the air carrying these particles that can create health issues.

The tell tale signs are pretty obvious. All you need to do in most cases is look up and if there is build up then more than likely you have a problem. If you go to the ASHRAE site you can get a pretty good understanding of how your aircon works and the importance of keeping it clean. Often we find that removing the build up is a very time consuming & expensive exercise as the material deposited is often quite high in moisture when it is deposited and over time hardens. This can all be avoided with proper maintenance.