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Desktop cleaning… The secrets revealed

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One of the most common issues that we come across with the standard office cleaning service is with desk tops. When quoting for a cleaning service, it’s normally during business hours, with staff at their desks working away. Unless the company has a ‘clean desk’ policy (and yes, we would highly recommend it), trying to judge just how little or how much clutter is going to be on a desktop is difficult.

Humans by nature like to come back to things as they left them, so they can pick up where they left off. Try to imagine the issue that this presents the cleaning personnel when the scope of work includes the cleaning of desktops. Often it can be weeks (or never) before a desk is clear enough to clean thoroughly and you can imagine the complaints aimed at the cleaning company if all of a sudden staff do happen to have a bit of a tidy up and find what has built up. Help is at hand and these handy tips could help keep your workspace in good shape!

Scan The Area:  To identify anything that is not ‘work’ related and doesn’t need to be there. This includes the coffee cup & plate collection, knick knacks and personal mementos. They are great dust collectors.

Be Ruthless: If you haven’t picked up a particular piece of paper to action or read an article in a magazine that you’ve been meaning to get to, then good chance you wont. ‘Ditch it’ in the appropriate waste stream.

Put it Aside: If you can’t bring yourself to ‘bin or shred it’ put it aside for the time being and come back to it for further appraisal. (it’s still possibly on the hit list though)

File It: That big grey thing in the corner with the four draws, well that’s a great piece of ergonomically designed office furniture specifically to make finding things really easy when used correctly.

Clean It: Now that you’ve got a clear desktop (some of it you may not even recognise because it’s been so long) grab the spray and wipe and give it a really good wipe down. Starting to look good huh?

Re-evaluate: Now go back to those items you just couldn’t ditch in the first cut. Time to have a second go at it and work out what you really want to keep on your desktop. Don’t get soft now…your on a roll.

Reformed: Under your new guise as a ‘clean desker’ make some time at the end of each day to sort things out and also at the end of the week to clear the space for cleaning.

You’ll be very surprised at just how much more pleasant it will be to start the day with a fresh & clean rather than a cluttered & dusty work space. Hope these few tips will make the working day a little more enjoyable.

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