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What Lurks in the Office Chair?

This week let’s talk chairs.

Just sit there and think just how long you spend sitting at your desk. Let’s say on average you are sitting at your desk for 5 hours per day, taking into account comfort & meal breaks and other tasks that require you to get up from your desk during working hours. That’s….
5 hours per day
25 hours per week
let’s say around 1300 hours per year (the equivalent of 54 days)

That’s a lot of time spent in the seated position. So apart from making sure that your office chair is comfortable and mechanically sound you would think that there would be a greater focus on making sure that it was also clean.

Office chairs are generally overlooked when it comes to the cleaning service. There may be some dusting of the horizontal surfaces in order to keep it looking good but not a lot of consideration for the actual seat and the back support. If you are really fortunate and your employer has deep pockets, you may have a leather chair which requires a lot less maintenance but in the main, padded fabric is the standard and they require a little more work.

Because we are busy, some of us eat at our desks (a big no-no really) and invariably food stuffs will end up, not only on the floor but also on the chair and in all the little crevices. While seated, we perspire, shed skin and then there’s the natural oil from the skin in contact with the fabric.  Your chair has the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria, bugs and other vermin. They will all enjoy these tasty morsels. Next time you get up from your chair have a good look at it to see how it is looking. Check the obvious places for the ‘tell tale’ signs.

So what to do to help out this sad, often overlooked bit of furniture?

If you can’t afford a deep clean, arrange for your regular cleaner to give them a good vacuum, at least monthly.

Most businesses carry out an annual service of their carpeted floor areas. Usually the technician cleaning your carpet will have the skills and equipment to clean upholstery. Get a quote from them to include the chairs. It should be no more than $10-12 per chair (less for more chairs). Your chair will love you for it!

The Christmas/New Year period is a great time to carry out this service as chairs may need a couple of days to fully dry out after hot water extraction cleaning.

A great way to start the New Year! A nice clean spot for the posterior!

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