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Reducing the Risk When Handling Cleaning Products

Reducing the Risk When Handling Cleaning Products

One of the main ‘watch-outs’ for anyone handling cleaning products, is the correct use of those products.

Some of the key issues associated with cleaning products when purchased in large quantities include –

  • Dispensing the correct amount. Too much or too little can have a dramatic impact on the cleaning effectiveness of the product.
  • Safety issues for the person mixing the product as a result of ‘splash back’, particularly where the products present a safety hazard.
  • Costs associated with overuse of chemicals.
  • Product losing its potency due to large quantities purchased and exceeding the recommended ‘use by’ date

In order to overcome some of the issues associated with poor care and handling of cleaning products, Oates have come up with a pretty clever concept for the correct care and handling of cleaning chemicals – Sachet Magic.

Sachet Magic alleviates the –

  • Need to calculate dilution rates. You get the correct amount of product every time.
  • Need to lift heavy containers and risk spills and splashs when dispensing.
  • The amount of storage space required, particularly in offices where there is no cleaners area and space can often be tight.

There are also some really nice Eco reasons for trying this product –

  • They are 100% Biodegradable and free of phosphate
  • Lighter and use less packaging so transport costs are lowered and landfill is also reduced
  • Avoids overuse of chemicals

In all cleaning situations safety for then user should be the most important consideration and the correct PPE should always be used as per the manufacturers recommendations and as detailed on the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). This product does look like it significantly reduces the risks of injury as a result of a spill or splash.


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