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Clean Carpet, Can it Improve Office Air Quality?

Can carpet really improve our offices’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

The answer to that vexing question is…. yes! That is, if it is well maintained

An interesting article that we came across in this month’s Inclean Mag  discusses a new study that has recently been released in the US, contesting the myth – “Carpet within an office environment unfavourably impacts indoor air quality” (IAQ). Well, that may not be the case as these boffins have test results that would indicate the exact opposite! Check out the graph.

Some clean carpet facts

Effectively cleaned carpets have the capacity to trap allergen and microbial particles.
Consequently making these particles less available to become airborne, thus maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ)
Essentially just the ability to decrease the movement and retain particulates

The advantage carpet has over smooth floors (vinyl, tiles,concrete) is that Carpets are superior in the ability to trap airborne microbial and dust particles. The infographic below supports that statement and makes it visually evident that Carpets are more beneficial to the office IAQ.

If you’re now thinking ‘goodbye dusting’, listen up! For your carpets to effectively collect and trap the bacterial particulates it is necessary that they are frequently cleaned.

Think about it like a sponge, if the carpets already soaked then absorbing more particles becomes very difficult. Interesting huh. Check out the best way to care for and maintain your carpet at our Carpet Cleaning tab on our site

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