Year of the clean office

Ten Tips for a Cleaner Office

A Ready Reckoner for a Cleaner & More Hygienic Office

Don’t be distracted by complaints about cleaning standards or increasing levels of sick leave or your office environment becoming less presentable to customers. These are business distractions which can be costly.

There are some simple initiatives which can help to maintain your building (a valuable asset), decrease absenteeism (sick leave and productivity costs) and reduce the ‘water cooler’ complaints about the quality of the office environment.


Below are some tips and advice to help you achieve a cleaner and healthier office for the year ahead:

1. Firstly, ensure you have the right cleaning plan –

The right tasks, being performed in the right areas, with the right frequency, tailored to your property.

Consult with your office team and cleaning services provider.


2. Increase the frequency of cleaning –

If you have high staff numbers, pressure from ‘soiling’ build up or health risks you may need to clean more frequently. Some extra costs may be outweighed by the benefits.

If you need to justify the cost, refer to our previous Value of Clean infographic, which is very compelling


3. Have a quality control process for your cleaning service –

Ensure regular contact. Provide feedback (even if there issues seem small). Monitor responsiveness.


4. Implement office rules –

For example, Clear Desk policies (on a Friday) or No Eating At Your Desk policies.


5. Install barrier mats –

It’s a fact that barrier mats significantly reduce the soil entering a building when placed at entry locations. Additional external mats may also be required for some sites.


6. Provide cleaning wipes for staff –

To clean desk spills, wipe phone handsets if they are ill etc. Encourage contamination to be fixed straight away.


7. Promote effective hand washing –

Utilise washroom signage to communicate hygiene practices. Introduce hand sanitising stations within the office area. There are some very good products available.


8. Implement flu prevention policies & education –

Leading into flu season ensure you have policies & education in place to prevent illness being circulated with the subsequent impact on productivity.


9. Schedule periodic cleaning –

Periodic or restorative services such as, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hard floor maintenance, steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, pest control etc all help to maintain the presentation and health of your building…and staff members.


10. Engage the whole office team –

It may take time but when all staff play a role it becomes a lot easier. Consider staff newsletters, staff meetings, an office quiz or rewards as methods to engage the team.


We hope you find these tips useful in your endeavours to create a cleaner and healthier office environment for the year ahead.

If you would like any assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Duticall.



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