Preparing for summer for a clean office

Office Manager’s – Planning for Summer – Checklist

You’re about to get Busy, Very Busy.


Summer and the Xmas period can be a stressful time for Office Managers and those having to manage a workplace or property.

So, we thought we would help out with a checklist of planning, cleaning and maintenance tasks that we know our clients experience.


1. Have you confirmed your office closure dates (if any) over the summer period?


2. Have you confirmed all of the staff annual holiday plans?


3. Is a preventative Pest Control treatment needed?
Barricade to stop pests from entering and remove existing pests before they multiply over summer


4. Do you need to schedule any building maintenance and repairs during your closedown period?
For example, office renovations, painting, HVAC maintenance


5. Do you need to schedule IT maintenance and/or upgrades during closedown or quiet periods?


6. Have you scheduled your annual maintenance cleaning?

  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Window cleaning and building washdowns
  • Tiled floor restoration
  • Restoring worn vinyl floors
  • Pressure clean external walkways, to prevent slip and fall hazards

or maybe it’s an opportunity for a deep clean and sanitise of all washroom areas


7. Have you confirmed your emergency contacts and procedures during closedown? Including cleaners, security companies, tradespeople and your own staff


8. Don’t forget to order enough consumables and stock up supplies before you leave – You don’t want to hear on your first day back after Xmas, “Hey, there’s no toilet paper in here!”


9. Do you need to plan for the End Of Year Xmas Party? (don’t forget!)
Will it be onsite or offsite? entertainment? catering? cleaning requirements?
Do you need to manage alcohol (if available) and transport?


10. But, if planning for everything and looking after everybody starts to get a bit too much…Attack a stress ball….and let people know it

Find a chill out digital radio station ….and turn it up loud in the office

Watch the live feed of cricket on your computer…hhhmmm

Start performing Yoga in the middle of the office …wear appropriate clothing

Or perhaps watch some Youtube clips of people who just aren’t coping at all ….in good taste


We hope that our checklist and tips have helped as you head towards what is often the busiest time of the year.

If you do have any cleaning or property maintenance queries don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Duticall.

This is peak time for us as we help our clients to get the properties ship shape for the New Year. Don’t miss out.



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