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Duticall provides quality commercial office cleaning services, plus

  • Office cleaners committed to service and reliability
  • A longer term relationship
  • On-site Training
  • A Duticall Guarantee
  • Weekly telephone contact
  • Fast response times and on-site inspections
  • Facility Management
  • Additional Services

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Committed to service

Office cleaners committed to service and reliability.

Who demonstrate their commitment by backing their work with their own money. This acts as a performance bond.

Advantage to the Client...
You know your cleaners have given a guaranteed commitment to do an excellent job,  first time, every time.

Long term

A longer term relationship...

With the same cleaners is a result of the Duticall system attracting reliable people prepared to guarantee their work.
Advantage to the Client...
You have a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship providing a consistently high standard of work.

on-site training

On-site Training...

Of your cleaners is conducted by Duticall at commencement of the contract.
Advantage to the Client...
You know that your cleaners understand your specific needs and are familiarised with your premises and security arrangements.


A Duticall Guarantee...

Of best quality cleaning services.
Advantage to the Client...
If you're not completely's fixed or it's free.

telephone contact

Weekly telephone contact...

Is maintained between Duticall  staff and the Client.
Advantage to the Client...
Your happiness with the work is closely monitored.


Fast response times and on-site inspections...

ensure that standards are maintained.
Advantage to the Client...
You can leave any problem-solving to Duticall.

facility management

Facility Management...

by Duticall ensures that other required janitorial and maintenance services are recorded on a computer database, brought to the Client's attention when due and organised on the Client's behalf.
Advantage to the Client...
Co-ordination of all janitorial and maintenance services is safely delegated.

Additional Services Include...

  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaning
  • Floor stripping and resealing
  • Supply of janitorials
  • Cleaning of blinds
  • Window cleaning
  • Heavy degreasing
  • Cleaning of walls and ceilings

For a free on-site quotation please click here.